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High School League

High School Summer League

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in June, we will be having our High School League again! Tuesday evenings with the exception of June 7th will host our freshman and junior varsity teams, with Thursdays starting the 9th will host our varsity teams. ***The June 7th date will take place on Wednesday June 8th due to voting***

Games will begin at 5 PM, and will conclude by 10 PM. Each team will have a minimum of two games per evening, and refereeing duties as well. Summer league will be held at the West Community Center in Rapid City, SD.

Each roster has a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 players, with each player turning in a waiver to participate in the league. If you require a sub, please have them fill out and turn in the waiver before playing. Subs can not be on another team's roster. We will have 3 weeks of pool/competitive play, with the tournament being the last full week in June.  Refereeing duties include being an up ref, down ref, line judges, and score keeping. The first 3 weeks will consist of games being 2 sets to 25, no cap, and during the tournament week it will be best 2 out of 3. Total cost per team is $350, which checks can be made out to Black Hills Juniors. We have a maximum of 15 teams per division. 

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